HP “Printer Is Offline” Error

How To Fix HP “Printer Is Offline” Error?

HP is one of the impeccable brands of the world. HP has a very big customer base because HP believes in serving the best class services in the industry and it has also created an aura of its own. All the products are very reliable and very demanding in the tech industry.

The HP printer is offline error is displayed on the system when it restricts the printer from printing the documents. This is actually an offline error message that indicates it is not in a liable state to communicate with the printer. And in case, you are not able to solve the problem on your own then you can contact our HP support number for immediate help. Below are the following steps that you can follow to resolve the issues.


These are the following symptoms to detect HP printer is offline error

  • There might be severe connectivity issues.
  • Printer stops working suddenly and emits the error message.
  • It happens basically in the offline mode.
  • There might be an issues with the printer tools.


Step1- Scan the system for connectivity issues

  • Ensure that the printer is turned on with proper installation of papers and they are connected properly.
  • Then, download the printer and scan doctor tools.
  • Tap the start button.
  • Then, hit on the fixing printer button and wait for some time for the updates.
  • Finally, click on the test print option and verify the error issues.

Step2- Set the default printer and then, un-pause printing process 

  • Make your printer ready by turning on and off.
  • Then, tap on the devices and printers option.
  • Now, hit the printer icon and check the display of pause printer and use offline printer icon. 

Step3- Reset the printer 

  • Reset the printer and check the connection status.
  • Update the printer firmware and check all the ports.

Acquire help from HP support number

HP is one of the adorable brands in the present time. It is popular service provider across the world. Actually, we are a third-party service provider and we show our availability 24/7 throughout the year by delivering services in both urban and rural areas. In case, you need any kind of help then in that situation, you may buzz at our HP support number  +61-1800-952-157 to get instant results.

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